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Is There Such A Thing As 100% No-maintenance, Real Estate Investments?!

Is there such a thing as 100% no-maintenance, real estate investments?!

I get asked this almost everyday by both experienced and curious, wannabe investors alike.  They hold to the popular belief that investing in rental real estate does not have the same “advantages” as stocks because, with properties, you have to:

  • Purchase an expensive course or attend one of those hotel boot camps
  • Know how to find tenants
  • Fix toilets (requiring time/skill)
  • Be available 24/7 for your tenants
  • Be an expert in an area or neighborhood
  • Have a boatload of cash to buy property
  • Have a boatload of cash to fix property
  • Know the Landlord/Tenant laws
  • Have an expensive lawyer
  • Have a real estate license
  • Have an LLC

These beliefs often scare away people who would like to invest in rental property, and scare current investors from not growing their small portfolio of rentals.  So instead, they sock their hard-earned money away in the stock market or their 401k’s while crossing their fingers that Wall Street will not lose their money and will grow it at a “mighty” 8% a year.

I completely understand.  I too used to have these same beliefs and fears years ago while working hard at my 55 hour/week corporate job, thinking I was being smart with my money.  So what if?

  • What if you could invest in rental property without the fear of tenants, vacancies, expensive turnovers?
  • What if you could invest in rentals and get a much better return than the stock market?
  • What if you could make your existing rentals worry-free and hands-off, simply collecting mailbox checks?
  • What if you do not have to become an expert or “guru”? Or buy expensive training from one?
  • What if you could give yourself a better/smarter investment than the stock market with an asset you can see and touch that also provided you not only with investment growth but also monthly cash flow?
  • What if you could have enough cash flow from your rentals to quit your day job and escape the rat race?

So, back to our question:  Is there such a thing as 100% no-maintenance, hands-off rental investments?!

The short answer is…ABSOLUTELY!

Here’s the secret:  You don’t need to be an expert.  You just need to have an expert by your side.  Someone who knows the area and the neighborhoods.  Someone who currently manages properties for other investors.  Someone who has bought rental property and has sold rental property – for himself and others.  Someone who has a network of trusted/reliable contractors, lenders and other professionals.  Someone who has rental properties himself.

As a lifetime Cincinnati resident and with over 13 years of experience owning, managing and buying/selling rental properties, I’d love to discuss possibilities and make this a reality for you and your family.  I don’t dabble in real estate – it’s my passion/career!

So if you have a little bit of cash squared away and would like to escape the rat race of working and then blindly socking money into Wall Street, contact me today to get you started with confidence!.

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